The IPDCtalks, a day of dialogue and exchange, is UNESCO’s global celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information, also known as the Right to Know Day. The main goal of the event is to highlight the importance of access to information, open data and the media to address core issues around this access, which are crucial for a sustainable development and open societies.

At the IPDCtalks, key influencers and (digital) innovators will share their achievements and discoveries with an audience of local and global stakeholders, media, students, policymakers and global leaders. The Talks are streamed live, fueling a global conversation on social media about the importance of access to information.

The third annual IPDCtalks will be held in Tunis, Tunisia on 27 September, with eight regional IPDCtalks in other countries to celebrate the right to know. 

Overall, the organization of the IPDCtalks has set three core objectives:

  1. To show that public access to information and ICTs, along with strengthening media institutions that help assure access is key to achieving the SDGs in their totality.
  2. To encourage Member States to consider integrating free, independent and pluralistic media, as well as universal access to information and knowledge via ICTs, within their policies for implementing SDGs in a creative, accessible and innovative way.
  3. To raise public awareness about the media’s important role in monitoring progress towards the SDGs and in holding governments accountable for their achievement, and seek support to strengthen media development and access to information initiatives in this direction, particularly in LDCs.